Coat-Endure: RF-Admittance Level Switch/Sensor for Stick Solids and Liquids

Item Code: CE

Compact Admittance Level Limit switch for use in sticky solids, pastes and slurries where dielectric constant K > 2.5
  • Application Temperature Range : up to 250° C
  • Immune to application material build-up/coating
  • Suitable for conductive and non-conductive application media
  • Wetted Parts PTFE, SS 304 & SS 316
  • Outputs: DPDT Relay, Open Collector PNP Output
  • Probe length : 65 mm to 1500 mm
  • Certifications : Flame Proof IIC & IP68 Housing

Coat-Endure is an improvement over traditional principle of admittance. The ring type probe has an alternating active and an inactive region, which collectively help the controller to calculate the extent of coating on the probe. In effect, the device is able to identify the differential coating between the sense and the shield by measuring their individual ca- pacitances. As the coating immunity is controlled by the on- board microcontroller, the extent of coating immunity can be set easily.

  • Universal power supply of 18 - 55 V DC and 90 - 265 V AC on the same terminal
  • Output options: Relay, PNP and Analog
  • High temperature probe suitable for applications up to 250 ◦ C
  • Popular with a wide range of materials: low-to-high dielectric conductive materials
  • Compact and customizable probe size
  • Passive shielding compensation with adjustable coat- ing immunity
  • Self-diagnosis for probe and electronics
  • Externally visible output and error indications
  • Works well with fluffy powders (e.g. talcum) and pastes