SLA_S: RF Admittance Type Level Sensor with a split Sensor and Evaluation Unit

Item Code: SLA_S

SLA Series - Admittance Level Limit Switch
  • Application Temperature Range : Up to 1000°C
  • Available in Integral & remote models
  • Coating Immunity specially for sticky and viscous media
  • Wetted Parts : PTFE, Ceramic, Mild Steel, Galvanized Iron, SS 304, SS 310 & SS 316
  • Certifications: Flame Proof IIA, IIB & IP65 Housing
  • Rod & rope type probe
  •  Probe length 250 mm to 10m

An accurate measurement of change in admittance affords an indirect measure of the level of material in the tank. The electronic insert measures this change accurately by using Radio Frequency (R.F.) technique coupled with coat immunizing circuitry. The change is converted to a DC voltage variation, which is transmitted to the evaluation unit via a 3-core cable for further processing. The processed signal is used to energize or de-energize a relay whose output contacts are available for annunciation and/or control.

  • Ingress Protection of IP-67
  • Available in rod as well as rope probe arrangement
  • Universal Power supply (90-265 V AC and 24 V DC)
  • Available in Integral as well as remote models
  • Available in High temperature even up to 600°C
  • Coating Immunity specially for sticky and viscous media
  • Calibration possible from remote location
  • Fail-safe selection available
  • Economical to install using three-core normal cable
  • Customized Mountings and probe lengths


Flour Mills

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